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While promoting The Beguiled in Cannes this week, Elle and her co-stars sat down for several interviews to talk about the film and the process of making it. Elle pointed out that this was the first project she got to film without being accompanied by a legal guardian, so she had fun spending time with other cast members and director Sofia Coppola, whom she had previously worked with in Somewhere. Coppola clarified that this is not an actual remake of the 1971 film by Don Siegel, but a reinterpretation of the book in which it was based, “from a female perspective this time”. Nicole Kidman alluded a difficult past for Elle’s character, Alicia, as well as a close relationship between them, stating that she let some of her bad behavior slide because “I know [her] past, and [she is] my baby”. I have gathered the videos in this post to make it easier for you to watch them, so enjoy!

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