By Gabby Jun 24, 2017 0 Comments

Hey guys! I’m sure some of you were wondering about what was going on with this site during the past month, as it was offline for a few weeks. Our host’s old server was acting out, leaving the site slow to browse and with a lot of down time. We tried moving it elsewhere, which didn’t work. Finally, our host got a brand new server, and we’re back home. Everything seems to be going smoothly so far, so we’re hoping we won’t go down again anytime soon.

Of course, since we’re talking about Elle, a few weeks offline means a lot of missed updates. I believe most pictures of that time have already been added to our photo gallery, including the premiere and press conference for The Beguiled, which premiered earlier this week. Have any of you watched it yet?

Now, since we’re pretty much all caught up, our regular updates will resume. There are candids and new L’Oreal info coming our regularly, so we’ll start with those!


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