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Several interviews with Elle at Sundance Film Festival have been released since our last update, and you can watch them below. By the way, “I Think We’re Alone Now” won the Special Jury Award for Excellence in Filmmaking award at the festival! Congratulations to the cast and crew!

January 29th, 2018  3 Comments Interviews, Videos
  • Chuck Raymond
    Posted on February 01, 2018

    I really think Elle’s got the potential to be her generation’s Meryl Streep. There was something about her in Neon Demon, where she broke through some barrier. Just wish she would take more scripts where she’s not just being used as a prop, while other bigger-name stars get more camera time. Like in Three Generations, aka About Ray.

    The kid put some heavy lifting into that role of a transgendering female to male, and did her homework to nail that part. Only to see the direction break away from her, to concentrate more on the reactions to her going through all those struggles from the characters played by Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon. Yet, I watch her sister blow up the screen with stand-alone power acting, playing a young autistic woman in PLEASE STAND BY. Though I love Dakota’s kid sister’s cheery love of life, I think it’s time Elle sheds that giggly school girl skin to get more grit and demand that camera stay glued to her to show what’s she’s really made of. Just sayin. Of course, she’s still young at 19 yrs. old, I’m sure we’ll see a breakout in her twenties. Go get ’em tiger, I see a diamond in the rough!

  • Gabby
    Posted on February 01, 2018

    Hello, Chuck! I believe Elle is going through a phase in which Hollywood isn’t really sure what to do with her. She has her pick at the projects she wants to star in at this point, but she can only choose among the options that are given to her. Although she can certainly be seen as a woman due to her age, her height and her maturity, she is mostly being cast as a teenager still. Because of her bubbly nature and her face, it might be a while until that changes, and so her characters could be somewhat limited to what the general public perceives that period of someone’s life to be. Dakota went through that as well, and we can see other recognizable young actresses getting the same treatment from the industry, such as Hailee Steinfeld, Saoirse Ronan, Sophie Turner, Emma Roberts, Lily Collins… we’ll have to be patient about that. I’m sure Elle’s talent will speak for itself soon enough.

  • Mohaa
    Posted on February 01, 2018

    Weirdly though she has played mature characters while being young more than now while she is an adult,she keeps having teenage characters and she is about to reach 20.

    Anyways what do yo think is her best performance,not best movie,but best performance.

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