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While promoting Mary Shelley at Toronto International Film Festival, Elle and her co-stars sat down for a number of interviews, which are currently being posted online by different channels. I’m gathering them all here to make our lives easier, so make sure to check this post every once in a while! Elle talked about trying to do Mary Shelley justice and respecting her legacy, being a hopeless romantic, wearing corsets and more. Sadly, most of these videos are very short, but definitely worth the watch.

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Elle was on Today yesterday to promote Leap!, and her appearance has been posted on Youtube. She talked about joining the project early on and recording the voiceovers before the film was actually drawn, which gave her more freedom. She also revealed that the production team filmed her while she recorded those, and some of the character’s mannerism and expressions were inspired by her.

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Elle has been invited to become a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! The institution announced on Wednesday that it’s inviting 774 new members — a record-breaking number. Other actors on their list include Domhnall Gleeson, Gal Gadot, Chris Hemsworth, Shailene Woodley and many more. Elle’s older sister, Dakota Fanning, holds the record for the youngest actress to ever join it, having been invited at the age of 12.

You can check the complete list of new Academy members on Variety.

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Elle is next month’s VOGUE cover girl! She was photographed by Annie Leibovitz and the story was written by Nathan Heller, who accompanied her on a haunted tour of New Orlean’s French Quarter. The entire article is very entertaining, specially when it describes certain traits of Elle’s personality we have grown fond of, such as her old soul manners and her confusion when it comes to technology. The story also features a video called “Elle Fanning’s fan fantasy”, which is basically your pun dream come true. Our gallery has been updated with the issue’s cover, as well as the photoshoot and screen captures from the featured video.

elle fanning, vogueelle fanning, vogueelle fanning, vogueelle fanning, vogue

elle fanning, vogueelle fanning, vogueelle fanning, vogueelle fanning, vogue

You can tell the story of Elle Fanning through the things she does, but also through the things she does not do. Fanning would rather not sit still, for instance. She does not tweet. She does not learn her lines until the night before she shoots them (then she memorizes them in the bath) and does not watch her own talk-show appearances (“It’s like hearing your voice on an answering machine”). She does not appreciate it when the paparazzi trail her to the gym, because she thinks she’s not famous enough to merit the commotion. (“The rest of the world is like, ‘Who is that person?’ I’m like, ‘I’m sorry!’ ”) When people now stop Fanning on the street (“Are you——”), she tries not to reply, “Dakota Fanning’s sister!” Fanning, then, would not be the first person—and might actually be the last—to realize what a rare and even spooky star Fanning, at nineteen, has become.

It’s not only the regal beauty—arching eyebrows, snub nose, and a sylphic whoosh of hair—or the growing catalog of impressive work. When I meet Fanning one evening at Tableau, a high-ceilinged restaurant in New Orleans’s French Quarter, what is striking is the outward flexure of her confidence, the way she knows just who she is and wants to pass along such certainty to you.

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