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The Boxtrolls
Character: Winnie (voice)
Release: 2014
Site: Not Yet

Young Ones
Character: Mary Holm
Release: 2014
Site: Not Yet

Character: Aurora
Release: 2014
Site: Not Yet

Leaning Towards Solace
Character: Herself
Released: 2012
Watch It Here
Site: Not Yet

Character: Herself
Released: 2012
Site: Not Yet

The Curve of Forgotten Things
Character: Herself
Watch it Here
Site: Official

Lolita Lempicka
Character: Herself
Released: 2012Watch It Here
Site: Official

Ginger and Rosa
Character: Ginger
Release: September 2012
Site: Not Yet

Character: Cristina
Release: N/A
Site: Not Yet

A Pure Life
Character: Maya
Release: N/A
Site: Not Yet

“You have to think it’s fun. That’s why I like to do it, you know. If you’re not having fun playing the character or with the people, what’s the point? The role definitely has to be something connected to me, and that reaches out to me. But also I want to make sure everyone’s supportive of it, obviously. My family makes sure it’s something I really want to do.”
-Elle on acting (aged 14).

Douglas Kirkland photoshoot

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