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Elle plays: Cristina

Additional Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Neve Campbell, Malcom McDowell, Grard Depardieu

Director: Boris Damast

Written by: Jeffrey Freedman

Release Date: 2009 (USA)

Genre: Biography, Drama, Music

Rated: --

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Based on a true story. In the early 1700s, Antonio Vivaldi, then a young priest, battled the church and his own personal demons to transform a school of orphaned girls into an orchestra that played Europe's greatest concert halls and, ultimately, for the pope.

Elle's Character

Cristina is the youngest and most difficult orphan of the Ospedale. As a lone mute she takes refuge in secluding herself and avoiding human contact. She keeps escaping the Ospedale trying to see her mother, in one of the bordellos of Venice. However, Vivaldi sees more in her and personally takes care of her. He miraculously teaches her how to use her voice, and not only to talk but to sing, and how beautifully she sings. He transforms this girl from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, and the most envied and talented girl in the whole choir. It's in the final concerto, whilst listening to Cristina's moving solo, that The Countess and Norina realise it's not too late to make up, and repair the past and their relationship.


. Elle's first movie using her other talent, singing.

. One of the first times Elle didn't have to audition for the part.

Notable Quotes

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. Mechaniks website
. Vivaldi at IMDB.com

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“You have to think it’s fun. That’s why I like to do it, you know. If you’re not having fun playing the character or with the people, what’s the point? The role definitely has to be something connected to me, and that reaches out to me. But also I want to make sure everyone’s supportive of it, obviously. My family makes sure it’s something I really want to do.”
-Elle on acting (aged 14).

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