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There are certain people who deserve a shout-out for helping get the site where it is today, and this page is dedicated to them.

First and foremost, thanks to Mary Elle Fanning for being such a kind person and talented actress. Her work has inspired a lot of people around the world, and captivated a fun group of admirers that have let us be their source of news, images and all sorts of pretty things since 2003. Thanks to Amy, Sarah, Marcela and Jess for creating and maintaining Totally Elle for nearly 13 years. They started when Elle was just 5 years old and continued up until she was a teenager. It became a referrence in all kinds of content related to her, and a place in which the fans could befriend each other and rely on.

Thanks to The Fan Carpet, for hosting the site for over a decade and finding it a new owner when it became necessary.

Thanks to Bella, the previous owner of Elle Fanning Brasil, for donating all the images from late 2015 until early 2017, which we had been missing before Gabby took over.

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