About Totally Elle

Totally Elle was officially opened in July 2003, shortly after “Daddy Day Care” opened in screens across the world. Elle was just five years old at the time! Ever since then the site has been growing with her, and it recently celebrated its 14th anniversary online.

The site was originally started by Amy, and in November 2003 Sarah hopped on board, merging her Elle site – originally called ‘Adorable Elle’ – with Amy’s. Gradually, Amy found herself busier and Sarah took over, managing the site on her own. In late 2006, the then webmiss of Totally Elle‘s big sister site Lovely Dakota, Marcela, came on board and became an official webmiss as well.

In its early years, Totally Elle organized several Birthday Projects for Elle. The first one was put together in 2004, for her 6th birthday, and the tradition continued until 2007. The themes included “What Do You Wish For?” and “Recipe For A Happy Birthday”. Each time Elle showed her appreciation by writing back a short note of thanks. It was so sweet to watch her handwriting developing through the years.

Although this site has no official contact with the Fannings, one of its previous webmisses, Sarah, was lucky enough to meet Elle on the set of “Charlotte’s Web”, when Elle had just turned 7 years old. The Fanning family really gave her such a gift in letting her visit and speak to them. She was generous and loving little girl in life and onscreen, and we couldn’t have been fans of a more gracious child.

In July of 2007, Totally Elle underwent its biggest change up to that point, when it merged with another fansite for Elle, Sweet Remedy. That site was created in 2005 by Jess, and grew to become a respectable site for Elle in it’s own right – thus creating some competition between the two sources. All webmisses decided there was no use for two seperate sites and merged. The final product was a mix of the two sites, with the best of what each had to offer – an equal smattering of spirit and love from each.

Sarah maintained Totally Elle for about 12 years, until halfway through 2015, when she decided to part ways with it. Even though Jess had no longer been updating, it was kept under her care in the fansite hosting service she had started many years before.

In March 2017, the site was handed over to Gabby, who had also been running its sister site Lovely Dakota. It then went through its second major revamp, with a change in its usual layout styles, a reorganization of its pages and photo gallery, and the creation of its first social network accounts: Twitter and Instagram.

In April 2019, Gabby decided to part ways with Totally Elle and handed it over to Helena and Paige. The pair decided to keep on the good work and added several pages and resources for fans around the world.

To be continued…